Picking the right place to draw your handsome male model can be difficult sometimes. With us you don't need to wait for the model to stop moving to start your drawing. But we are able to adapt to all situations. Thats why we can offer a realistic 2/3 hour sessions as we know how to keep still for you. We aim to develope your artistic abilities, no need to be a expert. Exceding your expectations, meeting your needs We can also help find you a suitable venue for you, somewhere comfortable where you can enjoy your Drawing Session. We like to give your Art Class plenty of time to develop their skills, in a relaxed enviroment..

Areas Covered:-

Somerset, Kent. Gloucestershire, Midlands

Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire,

Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Miton Keynes. .


Birmingham, Manchester, Bath, York, London, Edinburugh, Glasgow.

(Other areas available on application)

* Before you close this website forward a link to 10 girlfriends not attenting the hen night. Copy the emails and hand it to model for 30mins extra duration

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